25 Fun Facts About Miss New York USA!

Well, these past few days have been quite busy! Between work, performing, volunteering, appointments, and fittings, I haven’t been able to blog for you all. Rather than overwhelming you with a detailed account of my hectic weekend, I thought we could do something a little more fun! Who doesn’t love a revealing post? I’m going to share 25 interesting facts about myself, so my audience can get to know me better. Also, if I mention something that we have in common, let me know! Alright, here goes…

  1. I was born and raised in Freehold, NJ. Just one town over from our 2011 Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella! (She is from Manalapan, NJ). Even though I grew up in Jersey, my home is NY. They say home is where the heart is, and I ❤ NY!
  2. I received my BA in Fine Arts/Theatre from Rider University. I moved to NYC right after college to pursue a career in acting.
  3. I have one older sister who just so happens to be my best friend. Her name is Mary and she is a phenomenal tap dancer/choreographer.
  4. I live in a very tiny apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. It doesn’t even have a living room! But a view of the Empire State Building from my bedroom window is an excellent trade off.
  5. Top five places I’d love to visit: Barcelona, Greece, Sicily, New Zealand, and Australia.
  6. I had severe scoliosis when I was younger, and wore a back-brace for 16 hours a day from age 12-16. I was that girl with the back-brace. I didn’t like that I was different, but my mother often reminded me that everyone has their own fair share of problems, and things could always be worse.
  7.  My favorite movie is “Waiting for Guffman.” Go watch it. Now. Thank me later.
  8. “When things Fall Apart; Heart Advice for Difficult Times” by Pema Chodron, is a book that has truly affected my life. Last year, I was in a messy place, and a friend suggested I read it. Chodron is a buddhist nun who focuses on the ideas of impermanence and kindness. Love.
  9. I’ve been in love once. And I’ve had my heart broken once. I honor my past and look forward to my future 🙂
  10. My favorite color is green.
  11. My biggest fear is being blind…I’m also terrified of crickets.
  12. I went to Las Vegas on a family vacation when I was 21, and won $300 playing penny slots!
  13. One day, I want my own a vineyard. I’m such a wino.
  14. Besides the USA crown (wink wink), I would like to be triple crowned some day. With an Emmy, an Oscar, and a Tony.
  15. I will name my three future children, Emmy, Oscar, and Tony.
  16. My favorite holiday is Black Friday. My sister and I make an event out of it every year. The rules are simple. Wake up early. Only buy things for yourself. And at least one impulse purchase is required.
  17.  My favorite actor is Daniel Day Lewis. His ability to transform into different characters is both inspiring and disturbing. If you have not seen the film, “My Left Foot,” do yourself a favor and watch it.
  18. I love shoes. My bank account does not. I’m sure one day, we’ll all be in agreement 🙂
  19. Billy Joel is one of my favorite musicians. In the future, I will walk down the aisle to an instrumental version of “She’s Always a Woman.”
  20. One of the best plays I have ever seen on Broadway was Marsha Norman’s “‘night Mother.” The premise is this… a middle aged woman tells her mother that she has decided to commit suicide, and then prepares her mother for life without her. Edie Falco played the daughter. Grown men were sobbing in the audience. When the actresses were taking their bows at the end of the play, I couldn’t even stand and applaud them. I was still so affected by what I saw, that clapping seemed odd to me. It was at that moment I knew, I wanted to do great work like that.
  21.  I dislike pickles. And roller coasters.
  22. I hate conflict. I was a peer mediator in middle school.
  23. After a difficult workout, one where I really push myself, I will actually pat myself on the back.
  24. I love sour cream donuts.
  25. Two summers ago, I did background for the soap “One Life to Live.” I was “bikini girl” and entered the frame getting out of a fake pool. The poor assistant who had to hose me off before each take was a real trooper!

And there you have it! Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “25 Fun Facts About Miss New York USA!

  1. I loved hearing 25 things about you I didn’t know before. You’re the best person to ever be on Red Eye – EVER. If you’re on, I have to watch, no matter how late it gets, even if it’s a repeat. You are so thoughtful and witty, it makes my day seeing you on there. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and even more beautiful with how intelligent and thoughtful you are. I wish I was 20 years younger, but reading your 25 things, we’re the polar opposites on just about everything – We do agree on conflict (22) going blind (11) and pat on the back (23) but worlds apart on everything else. I haven’t had a drink in over 12 years (13) just as an example. I’ve never even been to NY, born and lived in California my whole life. I feel better that you might read this one day. Stay the person you are and you’ll do very well in life. I hope all your dreams come true. This is the first and probably the last “blog” I’ll post my comment about anything, but I’m your biggest fan and just wanted to let you know.

  2. Been watching you since you first started Red Eye. You have really started to bloom into a funny/smart character. Keep up the good work.

  3. You are the quintessential “triple threat”…smart, pretty, and hilarious. I was really drawn in after watching you on “Redeye” so I had to do a look see and I likey! 🙂 I am petrified of becoming blind, worship wine, and guarantee I would be sobbing at that play. Really enjoy your sassy character! Keep up the good work Joanne!!!

  4. Excellent 25 things! Few more questions. What is your favorite color? Do you prefer Kiwi’s or Mangos? And why? Is it a texture thing? Is wine from a box EVER acceptable? And if not, does drinking it from fine crystal stemware make it more palatable and would you ever admit to it? Finally, please try to mention a little 6 year old girl Addie Fausett on the show. Poor thing has some sort of brain atrophy and this is going to be her last Christmas. Apparently all she has asked for was Christmas cards from people. She even asked that they be hand made not store bought…bless her heart! I learned of her on Facebook. Her address is P.O. Box 162 Fountain Green, UT 84632 I sent her a Teddy Bear and a card today and my mom painted a beautiful oil of her walking in a field of tall grass carrying the Teddy Bear…hopefully her mother will like it as well. If you can’t mention it, I’m sure you can still send her a card, she would probably LOVE to get a card from a real life Princess from New York…please check her out 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

  5. You guys crack me up on Redeye. You have a way of wording the tough truth in a way that people arent offended or they just laugh. That takes skill and finesse.

    I look forward to seeing you host more and hearing about wine!

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