Obamacare – Ultra-Strong or Plush?

Ah yes, who doesn’t love a good poll? Another one has been taken, revealing a less than shocking result. “Obamacare support hits record low.” (read article here) It’s no surprise then, that disapproval of Obamacare will lead to disapproval of Obama.

While I am no healthcare expert, I am an expert in hospitality (and analogies). And in order for me to get a better handle on the healthcare debacle, I translate this political jargon into layman’s terms, or bartender speak. The most valuable insight I’ve ever received in my seven years in the service industry is this: to know how competent the store manager is, take a trip to the restroom. A messy bathroom means messier management.

Now, bear with me for this metaphor. Obamacare is a restaurant lavatory. Sometimes, during the course of a meal, one needs to take a trip to the toilet. This is certainly not my favorite part of the dining experience, but a pristine ladies room is noticed and appreciated. Similarly, in life, we make trips to the doctor. A transparent plan, and easy access to healthcare information is also appreciated and usually expected.
Obama’s bathroom is a mess. It is tainting our dining experience time and time again. He’s received guest complaints before, and has tried hiring help to tidy the place up, but there is still water on the counter tops and no hand towels to be found. And so, many of us conclude that Obama’s management strategy is flawed.
Now, there are some (roughly 36%) who favor the new healthcare laws. In my twisted mind, these are the people who really had to relieve themselves and happened into a stall with copious amounts of toilet paper. The plan works for them, and so they go back to their meal. But the rest of us are left wondering just how much we’re going to have to pay to pee…and if we’ll have to settle for one-ply.

11 thoughts on “Obamacare – Ultra-Strong or Plush?

  1. I retired last year, at 55, due to major changes in the benefits to the for retirees. Specifically, if we waited until 2014 then the cost of the health insurance would have gone up so much we wouldn’t be able to afford it and there would be no dental or life insurance for us. So there was a major exodus of employees 50+ in age. Future retirees will face the new retiree plan. But what’s going to happen next year to our benefits? I’m afraid we may be put into Obamacare to further cut costs to the company. This whole thing is a nightmare. We live in Connecticut and have a governor I refer to as Obama junior. It may be time to move. South Carolina looks promising. By the way, my wife and I love seeing you on Red Eye.

      • We’re not up when Red Eye is on so we set the DVR. We get a double dose with The Five then Red Eye. Yes, laughter is the best medicine. Please keep your sense of humor especially on Red Eye. You have a great career ahead of you.

  2. Great analogy, Joanne! I’m 27 years old (officially off the parents’ plan) and prior to Obamacare I was paying $155/month (which included dental) for an excellent single adult Blue Premium plan under BCBS. Now, because of Obamacare, I am paying $225/month for the exact same plan and same benefits. The icing on the cake was finding out that dental is now its own separate entity ($21/month for me) and must be paid “manually,” so to speak, by paying online. It is no longer included in the automatic monthly withdrawal and it is no longer “lumped” in with the health insurance. To top it all off, my doctor visits, emergency room visits and medication copays also jumped significantly. A $12 prescription refill jumped to a $30/refill. Your bathroom metaphor is indeed well taken. If the health insurance market is a public restroom, Obamacare is the poop stain on the toilet seat.

    Josh Givens & The Resonate Blog

  3. Saw you on Redeye, you did a great job. Enjoy your blog, insightful and intelligently written. You’re not just a pretty face, but mature beyond your years. And a very confident soul inside a very beautiful young woman. Parents should be proud. Good luck for the future. You deserve the best. 😉

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