One thought on “candle

  1. Hidee Joanne. I watch the Five from south Texas, which is a long way from north Texas. Like they say, everything, I mean everything is bigger in Texas. I was called a Texan, but now they call me a Texican. The culture, get it? Anyhow and anyways, I always think you are the bright spot on the show, although Greg and the other rift raft are usually pretty good. Great topics, great discussion, if ya can call it that, and a good time had by one and all. Your humor is great and although your beauty shines through on the show, I neva dreamed you wuz a beauty queen. Queen of New York or something like that. I love your candle picture. Makes ya look young(which you certainly are), sexy and even intellectual. Great job by you the model and the photographer. I spent a week one night in New York. No place like it as I’m sure you are one of tha experts on that. Nothin like south Texas either, so there ya go, a lot of nothin like it’s huh?. Well I saw this place where I could post a few pontifications, so I couldn’t resist. If yer ever in south Texas, look up the south Texas Texican, that’s me, Big Bad John, and we’ll hang one or however you say it in da big City.

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