Sunday Funday

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

As a child, Sundays meant three things: annoying my sister, Mom’s pasta with meat sauce, and going to Church. Church was a non-negotiable. We all had to go, every Sunday — one of the joys of having a Roman Catholic Italian family. I often say attending mass is some of the best discipline a child can receive. I think a part of me even enjoyed it, since as I sang in the children’s choir and attended youth group meetings every week.

It’s interesting how there’s a moment where it all changes. I think college is the culprit. Those early Sunday prayers are not quite as attractive as a few extra hours of sleep to nurse last night’s hangover. Besides, none of the other kids are going, because, well, church, formality and discipline just aren’t cool. (As “Not Cool” by Greg Gutfeld explains.) And you don’t want to be that kid who goes voluntarily.

And so, I must confess… I am a closeted Catholic. That’s right. I often go to to Church on Sundays. I recite the prayers from memory, always put some money in the collection plate, and yes, I even sing along with the cantor (it’s my favorite part.) But I don’t dare tell anyone how I spend my mornings, because I don’t want to be judged for it. You see, practicing Catholics seem to get a bad rap. Most have this idea of sheltered or extreme God fearing folks who do little else but judge those who are unlike them.

I, however, choose to show people that I am a Catholic rather than tell them. Actions speak louder than words, and stick for much longer. Besides, attending mass is something I do for me, not anyone else. I’ve never had a poor experience with church, and attending reminds me of my family and happy times. Plus, it’s free therapy – a time to reflect, feel grateful, and focus on those who need help the most.

In today’s sermon, the priest brought up a particularly interesting idea about church attendance and humanity. The United States claims a higher rate of weekly mass attendance than the Philippines, but our abortion rate among teens is much higher. (He used actual percentages, but my mental notes escaped me.) One would think that people of faith would see less terminations. Of course, there can be numerous socio-economic reasons for the statistics being as such, but the priest made an excellent point – one that speaks to today’s culture. If we fail to respect the human life that surrounds us, how can we expect respect for life before it is born?  It is one thing to say you attend mass, to quote bible passages or preach the good word, but to practice it, to live in holiness, graciousness, and kindness is much more difficult — and much more effective. My Sundays serve as a reminder to value and effect humanity in a positive way.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the state of the world (especially when you work in the news) but hope is not lost. Even for those who don’t pray or believe in God, there is still goodness in the world. We just have to choose to look for it and live in it.

Now go eat a bowl of pasta and complain about Monday.

(speaking of my childhood. so good.)

26 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Thanks for this post, Joanne! As a church organist (who, years ago, attended Westminster Choir College for some summer classes…before it was p[art of Ryder!), I too spend my Sunday mornings (and Saturday nights) in church. And I make a pretty mean meat sauce myself! It’s good to know that many of you in the “public eye” (especially several at Fox) worship on a regular basis and don’t make a “show” out of it – but go for the reasons you mentioned! Enjoy the rest of your weekend…and that meat sauce! See you on RedEye!

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  3. I think its one thing to try and impress people with Church attendance or beat people over the head with your Bible, but another thing, to let your light shine. As people watch you, perhaps they think something is different, something intangible. Gods greatest Commandment was to love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. We all have a God given soul. So Joanne, I am encouraged by you and I would like to encourage you to continue to let your light shine!
    God Bless.

  4. Excellent. The reflection and thought you displayed in your writing is very powerful. I share many of your experiences concerning growing up in the church, not going while in college, and reuniting with my faith later. It is obvious this morning’s sermon made an impression on you and thank you for sharing those thoughts publicly, because what you say is the truth. It seems people are lacking insight, thoughtfulness, and value of anything anymore. We’ve become vain. It’s refreshing to see someone is thinking out there about the importance of life.

  5. Once, I mistakenly let my disagreement with a church block my relationship with God. However, now that my relationship with God is personal, not communal, I am much happier and reflective on how to be a better person. I haven’t found a new church, but I know my spirituality is my responsibility and God’s word in the Bible is always available.

  6. Thank you for writing this as the message is awesome, but the messenger in many cases may be just as important, especially when talking about matters of Faith and living a good and decent life! Since when does living in harmony with God mean that you lack a sense of humor, enjoy going out with friends, telling jokes, etc. It is a terrible misconception and the fact of the matter is maintaining one’s Faith allows you do all those things while giving you that little reminder in the back of your mind as to making good decisions. You are a young, fun individual; at least from how you present yourself on television; so it is important that people see that being a person of Faith, going to Church, having a moral compass doesn’t mean that you are somehow a 1 dimensional person! It doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy life! On the contrary, it means that you embrace life, love and all the world has to offer!

  7. Joanne you only make me love you more and more with stuff like this, a home run for sure, and as i have offered before, if you are ever into old fat guys with no money, lets get married 😉

  8. Ms. Nosuchinsky, through your Red Eye appearances it has become more than obvious that you were “raised well”, that your loving parents steeped you in an uplifting Faith. You possess a strong moral center which radiates an effortless equanimity and imperturbable sense of right and wrong at all times. As you say, Faith is not simply to be argued, embraced or jealously guarded but to be lived and you are, if it can be stated so, an incandescent beacon of the blessed guiding light that is a humble and humbling Faith.

  9. Good for you. Don’t ever be ashamed of your Catholic faith. I’m a deacon in the Archdiocese of Hartford serving at a parish in Cheshire, CT. I love seeing young people at Mass and participating.

  10. Hi Joanne, wow you just took me down memory lane. As a member of a huge Italian family, moms pasta was homemade on Friday with grandma. Church was definitely mandatory. I was an altar boy, before all that funny stuff went on. Lol And discipline was also mandatory. The only boy of four sisters, I was the one being teased. Now I’m their protector!!! I hope your whole weekend was as good as Sunday. By the way… I still go every Wed, and Sun. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

  11. You may have just inspired me to start going to church… I’ve never felt super religous but always loved going to church. Sort of liked the formality and peace of mind that came with it. Funny thing about being Catholic is although I went through a period where I considered myself “ex-catholic,” I’ve yet to go to a non-catholic service and not feel weird.

  12. A very thoughtful and thought provoking article. As a fellow Catholic I too struggle with these same issues. Keep up your writing as I enjoy hearing your opinions.

  13. Wow. I didn’t know who were until this night. I mean I knew that you were a guest on Red Eye, which I rarely watch (I just watched it now). I always figured you were just some saucy tongued eye candy for the show, but you are so much more. Full of awesomenessalicious (I made that up). And I just read this blog and you somehow captured everything I believe. Truly impressed and blessed there are people like you out there. By the way, I was an alter boy, and up until my junior year in Catholic high school, my mom and the pastor had discussions on me being a priest. Not sure why I shared that. Anyway, I am impressed by you. Keep it up!

  14. Love you on Red Eye. You have a gift for humor. Your there every day with Greg keeps me watching the shoe almost every day. Love your talk about church. I had three children go through college. I took them to Mass every week prior to that. I hope they relate to what you said and come back to the church for mass.

  15. I think its one thing to try and impress people with Church attendance or beat people over the head with your Bible, but another thing, to let your light shine. As people watch you, perhaps they think something is different, something intangible. Gods greatest Commandment was to love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. We all have a God given soul. So Joanne, I am encouraged by you and I would like to encourage you to continue to let your light shine!
    God Bless.

  16. I did not know you were Catholic what with all the talk of hangovers and working in a bar not that there’s anything wrong with that. Me, I quit drinking 27 months ago on coincidentally on September 26 because my breathing meds say no alcohol, which was only several beers at a VFW every 2 weeks anyhoozle. Back in grade school at Our lady of Perpetual Motion in Pittsburgh, we had to go on Tuesday mornings, plus Sundays but now I’ve found something much better. TV Church. Record it at midnight, watch it on Sunday when you want, and the best part is I don’t care for the Cantor’s voice so I can zap through the long drawn out 15-note syllables, nothing wrong with that but even The Almighty is thinkin’, you have to have the patience of Job, speed it up a bit Eddie. Don’t think his name really is Eddie Cantor , it might be Incognito cuz they never show credits on TV Church. And just like real life Church there’s Preacher’s who can drag out a sermon but once in a while a traveling Preacher shows up and he can do the entire Mass in 35 minutes flat.
    Nice chattin’ wit cha, I have to go to bed early, it was so cold today that when I went outside my shadow froze to the ground, have to get up early and figure out how to scrape it up and have to do that before the Sun comes up or I risk the freeze-thaw cycle that can potentially lead to Broken – Shadow Syndrome aka BS and there seems to be a lot of BS goin’ ’round these days.

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