Product or Promise?

Lately, I find myself wanting for simpler times, for the days of soap operas dominating daytime tv, and the drama being interrupted by commercials selling things, not theories. See, just as evil twins and medically confusing comas have gone out of fashion, so has the acceptance of soap being soap. No, we need it to be so much more. What does the soap say about us? What do we say about ourselves?

I must applaud today’s execs for transforming the world of advertising as we know it. It’s really brilliant when you think about it. Companies discovered how to touch their audiences in a way that leaves the consumer feeling personally invested in a product. And how do they do it? By preying on vulnerable victims — oops I mean women. Beauty revolutions, body acceptance programs, and gender equality platforms means soap advances from a bar of fatty acids into the self-hug you didn’t know you needed. These new ads are magnifying the consumer’s insecurities in an attempt to win hearts while emptying pockets.

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