Why Doesn’t Oscar Like Me?

Celebrities are as sensitive as children when it comes to losing, except maybe worse, because kids only cry, while adults cry foul.

I love watching the Academy Awards. The fashion, celebs, speeches, and tweets make for a truly enjoyable evening. Until the next morning, when my hangover is exacerbated by the deafening opinions of those who can’t lose gracefully.

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Bring on the Tears – The Last 5 Years

There’s nothing I love more than a good story that leaves me emotionally wrecked and questioning my life choices. It could be that I’m a masochist, but more likely, that I’m an artist – always seeking a cathartic experience that somehow makes me feel five pounds lighter. And truly nothing gets the mind’s gears turning and waterworks flowing like a masterfully crafted score articulated by actors who just “get it.”

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