Can Women be Funny? (funny haha)

Former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, recently commented that finding a beautiful AND funny woman is a rarity.

I find the concept of this duality to be fascinating, because I just might agree with him.

  Now of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think talent and confidence are the most attractive qualities in a woman. But for argument’s sake, if we’re considering Hollywood’s beauty standards, most funny females have “unconventional” or “quirky” looks. You don’t often find a hilarious heroine.
    And here’s my theory as to why:

    Sometimes, for the sake of comedy, you have to take the risk of making yourself look ugly, and not many beautiful women are willing to make that sacrifice.
    While both beauty and comedy are calculated beasts – the prep and delivery are very specific – comedy’s success lies in the floating attempt, while beauty is more finitely measured. A joke needs an audience to land, while a photograph is fully developed upon view.
    Comedy is all about being exposed. You cannot wonder what other people will think. You cannot censure every move you make. The funny lies in the absurd, the unexpected. You may very well make a fool of yourself and those who already feel foolish are better gluttons for punishment.
    I think that’s why we don’t see as many beautiful women filling comedic roles. It’s not that they aren’t out there, it’s just that   they prefer praise to peril.
    Thankfully, I think pretty praise is overrated.
    And now, a clip of my favorite risk-takers…

10 thoughts on “Can Women be Funny? (funny haha)

  1. The Sweetest Thing, you cite a good movie. Those 2 definitely weren’t worried about what others would think when they filmed a few of those scenes!

  2. I think you are the answer to your question, don’t you think? I highly doubt if, looks aside, you would have a gig on tv if you were a bore. Besides, it is hard to judge such subjective things as beauty or comedy….who is to say what is cute or funny? Nailing it down would be like pushing a wet noodle up a hill; you will just end up covered in slime and feeling awkward about yourself. Keep up the blogs!

  3. Behold Joanne Nosuchinsky. I followed you on Twitter until I cancelled my account. I do still catch the midnight show on Fox from the pacific time zone.
    The combination of funny and beauty are rare because the humor of most women and men is crude. Crudeness cancels out funny.
    One of the funniest women of all time was Gracie Allen. She was also beautiful and never crude. You are blessed with obvious beauty and you are genuinely funny. Your humor is successful because it is smart and clever and accompanied by extraordinary facial expressions and a fantastic smile. I hope you never change.

  4. Of course they can. When they want to be. To me the funniest and hottest IMO wss Kathleen Turner. I have hope for one #RedEye Candy. Its easier to spell than after the no part of name

  5. Joanne you are beautiful, funny, and very smart. I watch you on red eye and you are by far my favorite. I can’t get enough of your comments and enjoy when you are the moderator. Well done, would love to have a friend like you. Not many sites I have interest in, but love your thoughts. I’m definitely a big fan, Kudos~

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