“The Bachelor” Rapture

Tomorrow it all begins again. The butterflies, anxiety, excessive drinking, bloating, and emotional hangovers.

Otherwise known as, “The Bachelor” Season 20.

Now, I’m really not a cult-tv watcher. I don’t fill the DVR with “my shows” or host weekly viewing parties of the latest scripted series, but I am totally into “The Bachelor.”

I find reality t.v. to be somewhat relaxing. After spending hours each day reading through news articles and carefully crafting colorful talking points, the last thing I want to do when I get home is work on following a plot line.

Thankfully, “The Bachelor” is a show that not only thinks for you, but clearly points out each season’s villain, town drunk, class clown, and princess. All while carefully editing to clue you in to exactly who will be the last 4-6 women standing in stylish stilettos.

Even better, in a world where terror is a real threat and social issues confront us at every corner, “The Bachelor” is an isolated bubble of optimism and intrigue. It’s as simple as boy meets girl and girl and girl and so on.

This season should be particularly addicting for a few a reasons. Our prince charming is Bachelor Ben, the reject from Kaitlyn’s season. He’s got boyish charm, a boyish face, and the oldest urban myth — manly manners.

Rumor has it (thanks spoilers) that Ben is breaking from tradition this season and not locking lips with every lady present — as most previous Bachelors have. While women swoon with delight at this chivalry, men everywhere must be cursing his chasteness. Because to be the bachelor is to win some sort of lottery, where women who only know the MadLibs version of you throw themselves at you — thanks to faux romance, cameras, and booze (the ultimate trifecta.)

We also have notorious virgin Becca back again as a contestant. The world was first introduced to her during Farmer Chris’s season. She’s so sweet you want to hate her, but it’s actually impossible to do so. I’m looking forward to seeing how the two interact. Seems like a match made in heaven — but producers would want us to think that, wouldn’t they?

I, for one, can’t wait to see each girl get out of the limo and introduce themselves — and by can’t wait I mean, really, let’s get it over with. Past seasons are known for their collection of rehearsed entrances that are beyond over-produced. It’s always so painful to watch these women juggle gowns, props, and an elevated blood alcohol level. Truly, any woman who approaches Ben with a simple greeting and a hug is a winner in my book. Take note ladies — if you need a shtick to be remembered, you’re not memorable.

It really is fascinating how the franchise has lasted as long as it has. The landscape of dating has changed so much over the last few years, due largely in part to technology and dating apps, but this reality t.v. dating show has remained about the same. I think it’s because as much as dating and relationships have changed, our ideals about romance and love have not. We continue to glorify the idea of meeting our perfect soul mate. Even though  the success rate of previous contestant hovers around 20%, we remain optimistic. The heart is a strong organ that can take a lot of abuse. And just like “The Bachelor,” we keep coming back for more. 

Let me know what you think!

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