Fall Fashion Must Haves!

Now that the leaves are changing color it’s time for your wardrobe to change accordingly. These are the fall items that every 20-something woman should have in their closet.

Thick Skin

As the weather gets colder, so will your heart. There are going to be plenty of pregnancy and birth announcements this fall so be sure to prepare for this inevitable change by adding an extra layer of skin to your outfit. That way, when visiting the maternally inclined, their icy looks of judgement won’t leave you frozen in your tracks.

Thinking Cap

Was everyone born in October/November? It sure feels that way. You’re going to be invited to so many parties and social gatherings that are way less appealing than the Netflix que you’ve been getting to know intimately. You’re gonna need to think fast to come up with reasonable excuses to ditch your “friends” for your only real friend, Lorelai Gilmore.


Vintage is totally in. Last season’s anxieties and mistakes will transition really well into this holiday season. Be sure to carry that heavy load everywhere you go. People may not ask you where you got it, but be sure to tell them all about it anyway.

A Navajo Rug

Is it a jacket? Or a shawl? Or a vest? No one knows, but it’s over-sized and hides your cider habit. It’s also culturally offensive which means you’ll blend right in!

Black Paint

So much more comfortable than black leggings, and surprisingly less revealing.

These fall basics will make you the most basic, basically.

Let me know what you think!

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