Why Doesn’t Oscar Like Me?

Celebrities are as sensitive as children when it comes to losing, except maybe worse, because kids only cry, while adults cry foul.

I love watching the Academy Awards. The fashion, celebs, speeches, and tweets make for a truly enjoyable evening. Until the next morning, when my hangover is exacerbated by the deafening opinions of those who can’t lose gracefully.

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Bring on the Tears – The Last 5 Years

There’s nothing I love more than a good story that leaves me emotionally wrecked and questioning my life choices. It could be that I’m a masochist, but more likely, that I’m an artist – always seeking a cathartic experience that somehow makes me feel five pounds lighter. And truly nothing gets the mind’s gears turning and waterworks flowing like a masterfully crafted score articulated by actors who just “get it.”

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Product or Promise?

Lately, I find myself wanting for simpler times, for the days of soap operas dominating daytime tv, and the drama being interrupted by commercials selling things, not theories. See, just as evil twins and medically confusing comas have gone out of fashion, so has the acceptance of soap being soap. No, we need it to be so much more. What does the soap say about us? What do we say about ourselves?

I must applaud today’s execs for transforming the world of advertising as we know it. It’s really brilliant when you think about it. Companies discovered how to touch their audiences in a way that leaves the consumer feeling personally invested in a product. And how do they do it? By preying on vulnerable victims — oops I mean women. Beauty revolutions, body acceptance programs, and gender equality platforms means soap advances from a bar of fatty acids into the self-hug you didn’t know you needed. These new ads are magnifying the consumer’s insecurities in an attempt to win hearts while emptying pockets.

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Sunday Funday

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

As a child, Sundays meant three things: annoying my sister, Mom’s pasta with meat sauce, and going to Church. Church was a non-negotiable. We all had to go, every Sunday — one of the joys of having a Roman Catholic Italian family. I often say attending mass is some of the best discipline a child can receive. I think a part of me even enjoyed it, since as I sang in the children’s choir and attended youth group meetings every week.

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26 Candles

Whew. Another summer done. I don’t know about you (I’m not asking), but it’s my least favorite season. Between the mosquito bites and humidity, I’m not sure which is more uncomfortable. And that’s not even factoring in the slew of Facebook wedding photos that serve as a constant reminder of the life I’m not living.

Fall has always been my favorite. September is magical. It also happens to be the month I was born. (You’re welcome world) So while I won’t be posting engagement photos or baby portraits, I’m turning 26 on the 26th — so 26 selfies are probably in order. (Again, you’re welcome world) It’s a time to celebrate not just my birth, but all the choices I’ve made in the last 25 years. To reflect on what I have and what I still want — and what I hope for in the next year of my life.

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Obamacare – Ultra-Strong or Plush?

Ah yes, who doesn’t love a good poll? Another one has been taken, revealing a less than shocking result. “Obamacare support hits record low.” (read article here) It’s no surprise then, that disapproval of Obamacare will lead to disapproval of Obama.

While I am no healthcare expert, I am an expert in hospitality (and analogies). And in order for me to get a better handle on the healthcare debacle, I translate this political jargon into layman’s terms, or bartender speak. The most valuable insight I’ve ever received in my seven years in the service industry is this: to know how competent the store manager is, take a trip to the restroom. A messy bathroom means messier management.

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My Most Significant Post

Another school shooting. Damn. Everytime the “Breaking News” banner comes across my television screen I cringe, hoping it’s not as bad as the picture my colorful mind has painted up. This one in New Mexico. They say sun provides people with vitamin D, essential in creating happy people, but even warm weather climates are subject to tragedies. Shootings amongst civilians have been popping up all over the country, so gun culture, background, and wealth doesn’t make anyone more or less privy to these incidences.

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