Obamacare – Ultra-Strong or Plush?

Ah yes, who doesn’t love a good poll? Another one has been taken, revealing a less than shocking result. “Obamacare support hits record low.” (read article here) It’s no surprise then, that disapproval of Obamacare will lead to disapproval of Obama.

While I am no healthcare expert, I am an expert in hospitality (and analogies). And in order for me to get a better handle on the healthcare debacle, I translate this political jargon into layman’s terms, or bartender speak. The most valuable insight I’ve ever received in my seven years in the service industry is this: to know how competent the store manager is, take a trip to the restroom. A messy bathroom means messier management.

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My Most Significant Post

Another school shooting. Damn. Everytime the “Breaking News” banner comes across my television screen I cringe, hoping it’s not as bad as the picture my colorful mind has painted up. This one in New Mexico. They say sun provides people with vitamin D, essential in creating happy people, but even warm weather climates are subject to tragedies. Shootings amongst civilians have been popping up all over the country, so gun culture, background, and wealth doesn’t make anyone more or less privy to these incidences.

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Old Year, New Year

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Ah yes, New Year’s Eve is back with a vengeance. Thanksgiving wooed us, Christmas whispered sweet nothings in our ear, and then New Year’s Eve slaps us across the face with the stinging reality that another year has gone by and you’re not nearly as successful as you’d hoped to be. In 2013, you wished to be married, planned on acquiring wealth, and resolved to get washboard abs. But alas, verbal contracts have always failed you, just as every new holiday resolution does. And yet, like an ignorant child, we find ourselves looking back fondly on the year that crushed us, excited for more in the coming one. We choose to dull this painful truth, though, with a “cup of kindness” that more closely resembles a vat of cheap bubbly.

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Do Not Trust This Link… just kidding. Read On.

Yesterday, I was watching The Five on FNC, and the panel briefly touched on a poll that revealed 1/3 of Americans do not trust each other. Read article here. The reality is, (and we don’t need a poll to tell us this) we are a fear driven society. Fear of failure, rejection, being duped, feeling regret. That’s why the “Self-Help” section of the bookstore is expanding by leaps and bindings. This fear can be paralyzing, and our over-exposure to media, broadcasting tragedy and crime, does not cultivate a trusting audience. I’ve always felt that I’m overly trusting, so I make myself watch breaking news and Law and Order SVU, just for good measure. The fact that I even trust the results of this poll is frightening.

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